Digital Transformation

Brian is is a highly collaborative and trusted digital leader whose services cover Board Advisory, Consultancy, Interim Leadership, webinars, round tables etc. across the field of Digital Transformation. He leverages over 30 years’ experience across the financial services sector; principally global markets, asset management and investment banking.

Utilising industry best practice, backed up by significant practical experience, Brian has developed a digital transformation framework (the Galapagos Framework) to help leaders and organisations transform the way they direct digital change, resulting in the production of exciting and innovative products for their customers and a positive impact on the motivation and wellbeing of their delivery teams.

In addition to his freelance work, Brian is a passionate coach/mentor/educator and is a Visiting Lecturer are City University’s Bayes Business School, he also writes and presents extensively on Digital Transformation and Leadership.

Prior to creating the Galapagos Framework, Brian served in a variety of leadership roles and delivered numerous Digital Transformation programmes across a variety of business domains (e.g. digital channels, eCommerce, data and risk analytics). He is a multi-certified practitioner of world-class technology development techniques and has a proven track record, in building high performing, diverse agile delivery functions focussing on business value, quality and innovation.

Brian can be contacted via eMail at

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